Project Description

Himalayan Salt Rocks, Boulders & Grains

SALT Chamber procures various sizes of the raw Himalayan rocks and boulders that can be used for designing and applying a more free-style textured look that many people refer to as caves. When looking at how to build a salt cave, these are the elements that you are looking to utilize. Building and installing a salt cave is more time consuming and costly given that this is typically a permanent application requiring tons of tons of raw product that is then hand cut and applied by a skilled masonry/tile work.

This application can be applied to a single wall or section to all walls including wrapping up and around the ceiling. Often Himalayan salt is used as a flooring with smaller grain Himalayan salt. There are some considerations when designing and installing a salt floor with regards to maintaining a boundaries from the salt to the door opening as well as possible ADA compliance and OSHA issues. Please contact us for more details.

Often loose rocks and boulders can be placed around the perimeter of a room or against a wall to create unique features as well as many can be illuminated with lighting.

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