Project Description

Himalayan Salt Bricks

Our Himalayan bricks and tiles are hand selected to be consistent in type, size, shape and color variation. These bricks and tiles come in a variety of standard and custom sizes, colors and shapes:
  • Sizes range 2” x 2” x 1” up to 10” x 16” x 2” and any size in between. (As the size increase so too does the brick thickness…and the weight).
  • SALT Chamber revolutionized the salt décor industry by introducing a thinner Himalayan brick which decreases the weight, cost and creates more transparency for better backlighting application.
  • Our typical stocked Himalayan brick is 8” x 4” x 1”.
  • These come in Himalayan Pink and Rare White and can be installed with backlighting with a dry stack or can be used without lighting and can be either dry stacked or used with eco-friendly mortar.
  • Our proprietary installation methods eliminate the need permanent construction which typically needs to be demolished at the end of a lease and thus, the value is lost.
  • Bricks can be used as full walls, half and pony walls, and wall sections. However, SALT Chamber does not prefabricate these since on-site leveling is required for wall installations.
  • These bricks can withstand high heat as in saunas, however, high humidity and moisture are not friendly to the salt bricks.
  • Certain size bricks can also be utilized as flooring, similar to floor pavers and loose fine grain Himalayan salt is used as filler to create leveled indoor room floors.

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