What is a Salt Room?

A salt room is a way to provide a health and wellness modality that evolved from speleotherapy, the underground salt mines and chambers in Europe to the above ground modality known as dry salt therapy/halotherapy. It is basically an enclosed room (walls and hard ceiling) that has a SALT FX® halogenerator mounted on one of the exterior walls with a sleeve coming into the salt room to disperse the micronized pure grade sodium chloride aerosol particles into the room for the guests to simply relax and breathe in. These submicron sized particles penetrate deep into the respiratory and skin systems to provide various relief from various conditions according to the Salt Therapy Association. With dozens and dozens of articles, clinical studies, case histories, and medical research, halotherapy has been growing as industry to well over 800+ facilities throughout North America providing this wellness treatment. In many countries in Europe and elsewhere, it is a recognized medical treatment covered by health insurance. All the efficacy of a salt room is derived from the halogenerator and without a halogenerator, you have no halotherapy. The salt décor room in a room is simply that—décor. There are no health and/or wellness benefits that some claim with negative ion production or air purification.

What is a Salt Cave?

A salt cave is simply one style of a décor theme for a salt room. When speleotherapy evolved into an above ground, man-made salt therapy treatment with the halogenerator, the first European salt rooms were designed to mimic the feeling of being down inside the salt mine and chambers. The technique involved permanently applying and adhering loose rock salt to a wall to an inside structured wall of a room. Some salt rooms covered all the walls, sometimes ceilings and some included putting loose salt on the ground. Given the first salt rooms that came to North America were built by Europeans, they continued this look and feel, however, it is the halogenerator that provides the true wellness and health benefits.

It’s All About The Halogenerator

While Himalayan Salt décor enhances the overall look of any salt room or salt cave, it provides no health benefit. When it comes to experiencing the health benefits of dry salt therapy (halotherapy), “It’s All About The Halogenerator”. The heart and soul that breathes success to a salt room or salt cave concept starts with a halogenerator. A halogenerator is a special type of equipment that is used to provide safe and effective dry salt therapy (halotherapy) by grinding and crushing the 99.99% pure grade sodium chloride (salt) into micronized particles that are dispersed into the salt room or salt cave via a dry salt aerosol that works to aid respiratory concerns and skin conditions. If there is no halogenerator, there is no halotherapy.

At SALT Chamber, we feature the SALT FX® brand.

The MULTI SALT FX® is designed for rooms up to 150 sq. ft, while the SALT FX Pro® can handle rooms up to 450 sq. ft.

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Custom Work

SALT Chamber specializes in custom-built, salt therapy room construction. We take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into all our projects, and we’ve built our reputation on the quality of work put into every job. Providing the highest level of service is paramount, as we strive to meet each clients’ individual needs.

Our custom salt therapy room building process takes our clients through each step of the process, from finding the best approach to designing a plan that is tailored to the site, determining the project’s budget, financing, and designing every level of finish in the new space.

Our clients can attest to our craftsmanship and customer service. We stand by our work and will ensure, down to the last detail, that our clients are satisfied.

To see some of our custom-built salt rooms, please click here to see our work.

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